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Hi guys,

How is everyone doing? I am curious if there are still people active here!
This is a quick announcement post to fill everyone in on what has been going on behind the scenes at Glowstone.

As I stated in previous posts, our initial plans for Glowstone were disrupted by a major lack of understanding about the state of content and the community - as in, not many community members were happy with the state of Glowstone and the content/server wasn't very attractive.

Our initial plans focused on small updates and management of Glowstone's community until a new Massive PVP concept server had been developed (that Glowstone would be merged with).

Because of the current state of Glowstone, our initial plans have been scrapped. We are focused on developing a major update/revamp, as mentioned in previous posts. Development has been coming along well.

The new GlowstonePVP server is being released on 1st June, this is 2 weeks later than the estimated date, but is due to a major change in plans - Glowstone is merging with another server. I've explained what is happening in detail below.

Glowstone Merge
GlowstonePVP is merging with Dancraft. I want to preface by saying that this change is not necessarily permanent and can be reversed if the community does not like it. That said, there are many positives to this merge:
  • The biggest positive is that it will allow Glowstone to grow faster. Dancraft has a much larger playerbase and has a big marketing campaign coming up).
  • Everyone on Glowstone has access to more servers (Factions, Kit PVP, etc).
  • There are more resources (builders, developers, time, etc) to dedicate to the server (as previously they were shared).
Below is a list of what will be happening on the day of the merge:
  • The GlowstonePVP server addresses (e.g. will be pointed towards Dancraft's Massive PVP server (Ulti), which will happen as Dancraft's Massive PVP server (Ulti) has an update and reset. This update/reset has all of the GlowstonePVP content promised in...
In my introduction post, my answer to the question “What’s changing?” was:
In the short term: we'll be performing some maintenance, fine-tuning the current server to your liking, and introducing any quality of life updates that you'd like to see.

After reading through feedback from the two recent surveys, it is clear that the current version of Glowstone has content that is short-lived (you play for a few days and then stop), unbalanced (too many powerful players stopping new players from progressing) and not very popular.

For the above reason, maintenance, fine tuning and quality of life updates aren’t going to cut it. Instead, we’ll be releasing a new Glowstone. This post briefly outlines the new Glowstone in the works.

Firstly, I’ll answer the questions most people are asking:

When is this update going to be ready?
Honest answer: we have no clue.

Answer that will better answer your question: we'd estimate that things will be ready for release in 2 weeks, so release day will probably the Friday after next (18th). That's an estimate - note: estimate! Things could take a bit longer.

Why can't it be ready sooner? Glowstone will die! We want an update now!
The playercount is already very low, and the server is functional. Glowstone isn't going anywhere, nor is the community. For this reason, it isn't worth sacrificing quality for a release date that is a week or two earlier.

We are working as fast as we can, but it's important we release a server that is bug-free and enjoyable. We can't speed the process of design and development any more than we have already. It's important to bear in mind that we had no idea an update of this size was required when we acquired Glowstone.

To conclude: if we rush an update, you aren't going to like it (bugs, incomplete parts, lacking features, etc). If we develop a quality update, that takes a week or two longer: the content will be better, and there are much higher chances that you will like it....
The results are in.. what do you, the community, think of GlowstonePVP? The good news is, well, you'll be finding out the results, and the bad news is..

60% of users who completed the recent survey rated their past 6 months on GlowstonePVP at a 4 or under. That's terrible, astronomically terrible. We gather that this is due to a combination of:
  • Not enough players on Glowstone
  • Lack of updates and unique content to keep you engaged
  • The economy/players are too imbalanced
  • Staff, and our anti-cheat, hasn't been doing its job well enough (too many rule breakers and cheaters)
We're going to be making a lot of changes over the upcoming weeks to resolve, or at the very least improve, these issues. Our current plan is to introduce an update that focuses on fixing current imbalances in the economy/power of players, lack of engaging content, and rule enforcement. To be clear, here is what will definitely be happening:
  • Players and the economy will be better balanced, and become more competitive
  • The server will receive a big update in which the map will definitely be updated or completely changed, and gameplay will be improved
  • The rules, and rule enforcement will be changed to be more effective and professional - cheaters will be banned for longer periods and threats, abusive behavior, etc will not be tolerated (should be noted that it isn't tolerated at the moment either)
  • Updates, bug fixes, etc will remain constant - a concern of players in the survey was that the server is not updated/fixed after the release of a big update, that won't be happening
  • The server will grow - this is at the end of the list because we can't promise that the server will grow immensely popular in the next week or so, but we can say that we have plans to aggressively market and grow Glowstone, these plans just won't be fully put into action as soon as the content update will
Hi, I'm Dan - owner of Dancraft. I thought I'd let everyone know that ownership of GlowstonePVP has been transferred from Chris_GSPVP to me and my team.

Some announcements with information similar to this have already been made via our Discord, but now that the website is up and running, we've compiled them into one announcement post. In future, all major announcement posts will be made via the forums and the links will be posted via Discord and Twitter.

I apologize for the short introduction. I've done my best to answer any questions that you may have below.

What's changing?
In the short term: we'll be performing some maintenance, fine-tuning the current server to your liking, and introducing any quality of life updates that you'd like to see.

In the long term: GlowstonePVP is going to be the base of a new "Massive PVP" concept server that we have been working on for the past few months. More information coming about this soon.

Will I lose my progress, or paid packages?
No. We aren't planning on resetting the server in the near future. If you have purchased a lifetime rank package on GlowstonePVP, you will always have that rank.

What's already changed?
Not too much. Below I've listed anything notable:
  • New host: we've moved server host, you will probably notice reduced lag and better latency if you're located in Europe
  • Staff members have had server-powers temporarily revoked until we have reviewed the rules, and ways things are currently handled
  • Only MassivePVP is online at the moment. We will be bringing back the network servers, but MassivePVP will remain the "Hub" server (they will be accessible via portals in the MassivePVP spawn)
  • We've released an input survey (more about this below)
  • One naughty player was banned for cheating
  • /ping and /report have seemingly broke, more of a bug than a change, but we're letting you...
Thank you for the good times we had, been 5 nice years!

Ofcourse we had our ups and downs, but overall I enjoyed it most of the times. The server was my childhood and for many others as well, hope we can remember GlowstonePVP as a wonderfull time.

Update log

While I am writing this post, I see this lovely player counter on the right top of my screen: 50 players online! I am really thankful that after 5 or more years the server is still alive, because of you! <3

After the server being offline for 2 months, I am happy to say it is finally online now! Click here to watch our new trailer.

Biggest changes
  • New map
  • Ban reset
  • 50% discount
    • Use the code "open"
    • Will end Mar 12, 2018 00:00
  • Better PvP experience
    • Anti Hack plugin got updated
    • No more lag backs
    • God Apple glitch is fixed
  • Crates
    • Keys can be bought in the store
    • Donators can use their parkour to have a chance to get a key
    • Higher crate means better rewards
    • /keys command
    • Vote crate with voting
  • All rewards are global now (voting, events, drop party, etc..)
    • All rewards are random now and no longer Points only
  • Voting
    • Better rewards
    • Better broadcasts/messages
  • Easier for players
  • New Parkour system

Rest of the updates
  • /hub command
  • /villager command
  • /msgtoggle command (disable messages)
  • No annoying titles in the screen anymore
  • Better performance and no more weird errors
  • New duel arena (flying and bowing is disabled)
  • New items got added in the /shop
    • Jump boost II splash
    • Sharpness V & Fire II
    • Axe got removed
    • /shop got a revamp
  • Mysterybox is removed
  • Clicking links in private messages
  • Fly is enabled in the donator area
  • Player kit gives random rewards
  • Smaller/better announcements in the server
  • Hub map got upgraded
  • Donator kits will give random potions/splashes
    • 2 God Apples now instead of 1...

Server will come online Saturday!

The server will come online this Saturday in the afternoon/evening, we don't have an estimated time. The update log and changes will be posted on the forums on that day, for now:
  • 50% opening sale
  • Ban/mute reset
  • Many updates..

We would appreciate it if everyone can upload the new trailer! Tell all your friends about this good news! :thumbsup:

Thank you for voting this month, voting will reward you with awesome rewards in-game as well as helping the server! Time is flying when you're having fun! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to all the topvoters! If you are one of the winners, make sure to contact me on Discord or through the website to receive your code.

The server is still in maintenance and the updates are going well, more information soon. Keep in touch! <3

The topvoters
1. Kendot (182 votes)
2. Viiperr (178 votes)
3. 3ev (75 votes)
4. soccergamer10101 (49 votes)
5. XW5v2 (48 votes)
The Massive PvP server is in maintenance

I like to inform you that the Massive PvP server is in maintenance, we don't know for how long. As we all know, it is time for some action :thumbsup:

We can call it: GlowstonePVP 2.0, we will also update Teamspeak 3, Discord, website and the other servers.

Kit PvP and Factions are still open!