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Hello everyone. This update is probably the biggest update for me what I have ever done. I've done updates which I wanted to do for months, everything has been done now and I am really excited. Please check out the update log below.

Are you experiencing lag with 1.8? Click here to fix it!

More updates will come soon, it is a lot easier for me to update and add new features since the servers are seperated now. Please share me your thoughts what you think about the updates. Hope you all enjoy your stay and have fun!

  • All the servers are seperated now, this means a lot of diffrences. You don't have some certain plugins in Factions anymore, as example PvPlevels or no more Factions plugin in the Massive PvP server.
  • Less lagg
  • Everything is updated to 1.8 now which has a lot of new updates aswell.
  • You need lapis now to enchant your items.
  • A lot of backend updates
  • Factions has been upgraded a ton with a lot new updates and features. Map has been reset and the items aswell.
  • Factions has some new plugins like the Auction plugin. /auction
  • No more glitching between the 2 servers.
  • An amazing new tab list.
  • New anti swear plugin.
  • Fly has been disabled in factions
  • The event dropparty has been changed
  • You can now buy money and kits in Factions
  • Xray is blocked in factions.
  • Go to the Nether with your own portal, the End is also working!
  • Epic actionbar messages and join messages.
  • Arena and more updates will release soon.
  • A lot more small updates, check it out for yourself!
Hey. We like to share some new small updates which has been made lately. Feel free to share your mind about this in the comment section below.
Currently we have the big PvP Arena. Most people love it but we want you to experience it further. Thats why we released a new small arena. This arena is based to get fair PvP battles. A lot of effort has been put into it and its guaranteed that you will like it, you can go here through the portal. Your inventory and item slots have to be empty to enter, you can only use the items available there.

We want to thanks all of you for voting. We have intoduced a new system that we hope you like. When voting you will have to do /claim to get your rewards. We have done this for several reasons, if your inventory is full you will get a message if you do /claim to prevent losing items. We have also removed Emeralds from the shop and you can only buy Stars from now on.

A lot more..
During the time we keep updating and making small updates, some examples: from now on you will not spawn with diamond armour anymore if you die, there are itemframes with armour now instead. We also made some updates on the website as you can see.

Hope you all enjoy these updates and have a wonderfull play-time!
Hey guys!

Wow December went by fast didn’t it? I hope you all are having a nice holiday and I hope that Santa Claus got you some awesome stuff!

Well 2015 is here right now, hope you all had a wonderfull year; 2014 has been an amazing year for us here at GlowstonePVP, we have had some ups and downs (Mainly ups). We have had many updates adding more and more wonderful things which have made the server what it is today: We have also grown a huge amount in the last year and we hope that we can only do the same in the upcoming months in 2015.

This all aside, I am pleased to announce the top voters of the last month in 2014.

1. xNeno $50
2. Dj_q_r $40
3. PvPbeastNL $30
4. kontje12 $20
5. iTzZSFA7 $10

The top voters every month get special prizes and we encourage you to all vote so you can get the daily prizes and also so you can get the monthly top voter prizes too! Check the rewards in-game with /rewards and good luck voting! /vote

If you want to claim your reward, add me on skype or start a conversation on the website to get the coupon code.
Hey you! I am glad to announce some new updates, three big updates and there are some extra small updates/changes. Hope you all enjoy your stay here at GlowstonePVP!

Update log:
  • Christmas sale, 20% discount on the ranks. Use the code "Christmas"
  • The ban list has been reset! This means everyone can join now, we already banned all the bots we are known of. We also made some changes regarding the ban system, tell your friends to play again! (We also reset the ban appeals + report hackers/spammers thread).
  • The inventories/enderchests in the Massive PvP world has been reset. The main reason why we reset this is because people were able to dupe their items. Look at the good side, everything is fair now, also the people who bought a debuff sword within the last 2 weeks will get them back and use /claim.
  • You can only get Strength potions from voting now
  • Regeneration 2 is replaced by level 1 and a lot more villagers rewards has been changed.
  • The easy vote page has been fixed and works perfectly now, more easier to vote now!
  • The randombox rewards has been improved.
  • There are a lot more updates online...

More updates will be soon online aswell, keep any eye out on the forums! Please share us your thoughts about this in the comments.
Greetings everyone!

A new month, december! Time flies. In this month we are going to make some changes meaning the voting rewards and more. Please read this thread carefully, it is really important.

Change log:
  • Voting rewards has been changed (Check them at /rewards)
  • Instead of 3 winners, we will pick 5 winners! (Check the new prices here)
  • Since Donators and higher don't really vote anymore we made a new reward: /package or /ultimate cooldown reset
  • Some other vote bugs has been fixed
  • Some more vote updates will release soon (No post about it on the website thought)
The winners this month:
(Please start a conv. on the website with me)
1st. skillsdavey - 192
2nd. krastaca - 187
3rd. iTzZSFA7 - 165

Prices for the 10 winners next months (They will receive a code to get the discount):
1. 50$ discount on shop
2. 40$ discount on shop
3. 30$ discount on shop
4. 20$ discount on shop
5. 10$ discount on shop

Please tell everyone about these changes and tell them to vote!
Vote at:
Heya everyone! I am here to announce you some cool new updates! Make sure you check them out and join the server. Please invite your friends to the server to have some fun. We have updated a lot lately, trying to make it more fun for you guys, and we (Staff team and me) are really happy about the results. Non-donators have more chance to survive now. Now lets get back to the updates.

  • The spawn. The spawn has been updated a lot. I am not going to tell you every single detail, just check it out yourself.
  • The map. The map has been decreased and added more caves like we had in the old map.
  • Strength. Strength potions are back as how they were, OP.
  • Regeneration 2. Regeneration 2 has been added since we have strength again.
Hello dedicated members. I have finished up some updates regarding the God Apple and the trade plugin.

  • Ultimate axe
    • Sharp V and more % for poison
  • God apple
    • There is a 30 seconds cooldown on it (regen is 15 seconds so 15 seconds without the regen effect).
    • You see the remaining cooldown when you eat it.
    • You get a message when the cooldown is over.
  • Trading
    • There is no radius anymore (it was 10 before).
    • It won't cancel the trade in no-pvp zone.

The God apple update:
I've made a post on the website where we discussed about this idea. The main problem why we did this is because the Donator are really strong.
If you have a lot of gapples, you win anyway. Now since there is a cooldown on it, you have to survive 15 seconds without it. This is way more fair and now it is about how good you are.

Ofcourse people will dislike it, but its not going to be removed. Give it some time and you'll like it anyway on the end. Check it on the positive side.
I have some new small updates which I like to share with you guys. Some of these updates will work after the daily restart. So if you watch this post after 24 hours when it was posted, it is already fixed.
  • Beacon is upgraded
  • Some small bug fixes
  • The Debuff swords are totally done and bug free now
    • You now hear a sound when you debuff someone
  • Ultimate Axe
    • Unbreakable and a cool effect (same as the Ultimate Sword)
    • Has a Poison effect (same as the Poison Sword)

There are a lot more updates what I've made, but if you play a lot on the server you have probably already noticed it since I do a lot of updates, mostly everday.
Time to vote again and get the rank upgrade! All the votes has been reset again, that means everyone has a chance to win again! You can vote really easy with our system on:

The winners:
1st: slappehap05- 181 votes - Rank upgrade
2nd: PvPbeastNL - 170 votes - Star package
3rd: giani1608 - 162 votes - Emerald package

Please start a conversation with me on the website and I'll give you the price. Thanks for voting and good luck for this month! /vote

New logo
New spawn + map updates
This morning I also did some new map updates and removed the Halloween theme. I am working on the map itself aswell with some cool new stuff. Maybe you have seen it yourself already, I already started with some small stuff.
Edit: Debuff swords can't be dropped anymore, however it will still drop if you die.
Edit 2: You have 15% chance now instead of 5%.

We recently introduced the Debuff Swords. Those Debuff swords contains the Nausea, Blindness, Slowness and Poison sword.

All the swords have a 15% chance of debuffing the enemy with the effect on it. Those swords come along with Sharpness 4 and Fire 2. The debuff lasts 5 seconds except the Nausea which takes 10 seconds. Each enchantment costs $3.50, however you can also buy the Swords set which costs $12. If you have bought the sword, you can just easily claim it with the command /claim.

These swords can be bought in the shop available here.
Image: Here you see the Poison Sword
Some other information
Make sure you have an open slot when you buy the sword. Once you get debuffed by a sword like that, you will be messaged with "You have been poisoned" as example. If you are the person who uses the sword, You will be announced aswell when you affected him.

These swords do break and are NOT soulbound. That means, be careful. Once you die, you lost it. Once it broke, it is gone.