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Hey guys! I've worked on some new updates behind the scenes, a lot of stuff has been fixed and will be added. I am working on some graphics for the server and other important stuff. I just wanted you to know that I am still really busy with updating. I wanted to share 4 cool / small updates. First of all, the Premium/Ultimate room has been updated and have the abilitiy to stack their items to get more space.

The skywars game has been updated, the room where you have to wait is a lot better now. While you wait you can enchant, trade and have fun. Also you earn money for in factions when you kill someone and win the game!

Chest room
I've created a small room in the map where you can put stuff in the chests and share it with other stuff. I could make it so it has a whole chest system, like you can't put bad stuff in it, but I thought it was better to just put normal chests instead. So you can place whatever you like.

A new cool small update, brewer! I placed tables in the map with a brewing stand on it. What is it? Well, you need 2 Emeralds and a glass bottle at least, once you have that, you can click the brewer and you get a random potion instead. You just get a random potion. Once you do it, you get a cool effect and sound.

Repair everything
You can now repair all your items in your inventory for 15 emeralds by using the sign above the anvils in spawn. You'll see a smoke effect + little sound.

And a lot more updates! Check it out:
Check out the amazing update, /trade in-game! It is just amazing. Not gonna talk about it here, just check it out yourself. Trade rooms has been removed aswell and because of that the portal room has been updated. Now no more scamming or anything! :smile:

Also the hack system has been changed a little bit, check the ban system post in "Ban Appeals" forum.

Potions update
Some few changes has been made regarding some potions. Check those changes below. Some more small updates are coming soon aswell. Check the front website to be updated. Also don't forget to follow us on twitter to get the actual updates. I'll post a lot of updates there. Changes:
  • Healing pot
    • These heal 2 hearts normally, now it heals you 4 hearts.
  • Regeneration pot
    • These pots has been replaced with level 2.
  • Strength pot
    • Strength potions are less OP now.
The whole factions server has been updated and made some changes. Check them below. Also another small update, I removed the calendar from the website. We now use /events in-game to check if there are any planned events.

  • Your now allowed to use /f leave
  • You get 2 emeralds now with voting instead of 1.
  • Mob spawners and an enchantment table at spawn
  • Better Donator kits and Starter kit
  • Random vote rewards now, chance to get 50$.
  • Whole spawn is updated and better.
  • Outside the spawn-building you can PvP and get mob-damage but can't build yet.
New map and more..
Today is the big day where I was hoping of since 2 months already. Today is the day, that a lot of new updates are online regarding to the Map. Yes! We have a whole new map. The whole PvP map has been updated.
I also redid all the shopkeepers, the shopkeepers with the black gear sells tools/gear and the shopkeepers with the white or pink gear will sell potions etc.. You can also get free stuff now at the spawn with a cool holo above it, also the beacon has a holo above it now.
Duel (1 vs 1)
At last but not least, the duel plugin! I am finally done with making the duel arena plugin and it is done now! You can use /duel help in-game for more info. If you start a duel with someone and you both accept it, you will spawn in the death pit in the middle of the map. Everyone can watch then. There is no escape, if you leave.. you lose. Camping in this room is ban-able.
Check it out for yourself to see how cool it is! If a duel starts, it will broadcast, but also if someone leaves in the duel or won!

Thanks for all your support guys, without you.. GlowstonePVP is nothing.. Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin:
October. Time to vote again and get the rank upgrade! All the votes has been reset again. I have changed the vote rewards, you have a better chance of getting rare stuff such as a star or teleporter! If you don't know already, we have a brand new vote page where you can vote.

The link of the vote page:
The link where you can vote easy:

The topvoters:
1st: xRarePvP - 163 votes - Rank upgrade
2nd: Ojeecraft - 159 votes - Star package
3rd: davenric - 130 votes - Emerald package

Please start a conversation with me on the website and I'll give you the price. Thanks for voting and good luck for this month! /vote
Hello everyone! I think its time to make a new post with some cool updates. I have done some bug fixes and updates lately we also have big news about the Events!


  • The time at the beacon is now fixed (It was always 10 minutes in the future)
  • There is a new Enchantment table in spawn with a small future, click it once 3 minutes and you receive free levels. This counts for the whole server.
  • /package won't work if your inventory is full.
  • /package will now also show you the last usage.
  • Events are released, check below.
  • Fixed some messages in-game etc..
  • More chance to get good stuff with voting.
  • /r is now blocked aswell when you are muted.
  • Donators and higher has kits now instead of diamonds.
Message to you (on cooldown):
Broadcast message:

Yesterday night I finished the events and uploaded it right away, that's why we hosted some cool events and did some epic dropparty's and more events.
Hello guys! Today has been a great day. I have updated my whole linux machine and installed the newest java 8, this is a positive thing for the server! Less RAM usage and other stuff.

This morning the server had a down time because of this, it is all fixed now. Some features didn't worked such as the Mysterybox but this has been fixed. Also the ugly death messages has been removed.

Factions update
First of all, the factions has been removed because of some new updates. Please check out /factions in-game for handy information.


  • All messages and commands only work in the Factions world now
  • Sometimes you see the scoreboard on the right, this is removed
  • You can place fences again in factions
  • The tab becomes white, fixed
  • Economy is fixed now, it works
  • /factions is updated, you see the prizes and more stuff
  • New factions spawn
  • Max money is 2500 now

What are events?
Well, the name explains for its self, events are events scheduled by staff members.
They may occur every month, week or even day. Events can be planned on multiple dates.
Events will consist of drop parties, skywars battles, PvP with the owner and more!
Have an unique idea, tell a staff member!

How will they work?
Events are scheduled by a staff member on the calendar where you can see on what date there is an event. Just check the calendar, click on an event and see all the information such as when, where, by who etc..

Are there requirements for the events?
Requirements can be set by a staff member if they please. This is only optional.​
I fixed some small bugs and added some updates. Once in a time I make a post like this were I tell you all the bug fixes and updates, actually I update a lot even when you don't know. Some important updates/bug fixes:
  • Fence bug is fixed
  • People can't steal our map anymore with World Downloader
  • New backgrounds on the website
  • Better FPS in spawn and less server lagg (If you have a bad connection, this has no fix for you. There is no fix for connection.)
  • The jail, parkour, skywars room etc.. has been moved far away of the spawn to increase FPS in spawn.
  • Memory leaks are fixed
  • When you right click on a trash sign with a gapple you don't consume it.
  • Push back bug while sprinting is fixed (It can still happen, but that is really rare)
  • Push back bug in combat is fixed and the most important: I disabled some checks in a fight what makes PvPing more fun.
If you want to support us, you can give us a diamond on PlanetMinecraft. How?
1. Sign up on the website
2. Go to our Planetminecraft page > Click here
3. Click on the diamond at the top left.
Since the sponsor rank is sold really well, we rolled out a new minor update. First I had to manually rank everyone on the website who bought it. But now it's all automatic. So you will receive the rank within 1-2 minutes now. Sick huh? :biggrin:

The sponsor rank is a rank for the website only. This is seperated by the server. If you need more information you can also comment below or check the post: Click here