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Since the sponsor rank is sold really well, we rolled out a new minor update. First I had to manually rank everyone on the website who bought it. But now it's all automatic. So you will receive the rank within 1-2 minutes now. Sick huh? :biggrin:

The sponsor rank is a rank for the website only. This is seperated by the server. If you need more information you can also comment below or check the post: Click here

EDIT: You get 25 teleporters for 20 USD.
A new small update what I want to share with you, Teleporters! Teleporters are ender pearls where you can teleport with. Teleporters are really rare and you can get them on 2 ways. You have 2% chance to get them with voting or you can buy them in the donate page. You get 25 teleporters for 20 USD.

You can't teleport outside the map or anything. Its all protected. They are also disabled in Parkour. If you found any bugs, please let them know. Share this with all your friends please.
General Information
I just wanted to make a new post and tell you some information what we are facing at the moment. As most of you already know, there is some trouble going on with bukkit/spigot (A edited Minecraft server). We are allowed to use the version we are using now. What it means to us is the following: We will stay 24/7 online with no problems and nothing will change for you.

Small updates
I am updating continue and new updates will release the whole time. A lot map changes and other updates come along. Some updates I dont even announce on the website, only the big updates. You can update to 1.8, the holo text what is floating in the air is now working with 1.8 also. When you join the server with 1.8 you get a cool welcome text. To update this the server was down for 10 minutes this afternoon, apologies for that.

Some updates what are coming
I am going to release some more cool updates such as a new factions upgrade. This means a lot of bugs will be fixed and all the messages will change. In my opinion, I really hate these ugly messages from the default factions plugin. I am going to add a drop party event thingy aswell and at last but not least, the bigger enderchests.

If there is anything else what is important, I'll tell you on the website. Enjoy your stay on GlowstonePVP and remember I am updating a lot these times to give you the best experience. Hope you enjoy your stay.
This is the second release of the GlowstonePVP bug fixes but also update version! Please read this thread becaues I've added some cool stuff. First of all, I want to thanks you for playing on GlowstonePVP. There were some big bugs online for a long time and I am so glad it has all been removed. Thanks to you guys!

God Apple
As everyone already knows, God Apples are really OP. If you have gapples, you will win the battle. I have been thinking about how to change it. Making it less OP is not a good option. But reducing the time is. Thats why I reduced the God apple regeneration to 15 seconds.

More updates and bug fixes:
- Anvil sound is decreased
- All homes have been reset.
- A brand new update: Mystery box
- You get a small cool sound when you click on a itemframe now
- You can move donator items now even if your just a normal player
- You get max. 4 diamond bleed per enemy now, this is added to stop boosting of diamonds
- The bug is fixed that you get more than 1 Gapple in 1 hour.
- And some other stuff but that doesn't matter to you.​
Finally, Factions is reset! We have waited so long for this but it is reset now! There are also a lot new updates in it.

  • /money To check your money (Min -50 and max 1000)
  • Factions bug has been fixed, no more diamond bleed in factions so it is really fair now.
  • If you vote in factions you get different rewards, you get 10$ now.
  • Buy/sell signs in factions spawn, such as spawners and other items.
  • You can use /pay if you want to pay someone.
  • Use the command /factions for more info in-game.
I'll guess I am going to play factions aswell. Good luck!
A new month! All votes have been reset again and you are able to be the new topvoter this month! Emeralds and other items are more rare now since the previous updates. I want you to inform that a lot more updates are coming soon! Keep in touch.

The topvoters:
1st: lassevandhane - 168 votes - Rank upgrade
2nd: Mesterblue - 140 votes - Star package
3rd: blueeagle24 - 139 votes - Emerald package

If you want your price, please start a conversation on the website and I'll give you the price. Thanks for voting!

I am so glad to announce the new plugin with a lot of bug fixes and updates! We all have waited so long for this. In this thread I will tell you all the bug fixes and updates!

If you find some other bugs, please let me know. The most important news is: The lagg reduced a lot.
Bug fixes / Updates:
  • EDIT: The images in spawn load faster now.
  • Donator Sword / Bow:
    • Only the Donator items are unbreakable now, everything else breaks now. We did this so the Donator armor gets more special now. Many people asked for this feature to make normal armor breakable again.
    • It has some cool effects now.
    • No one else can wear it. Its protected now 100%. IF they were able to wear it, then it will be unweared when they get hit as a extra protection.
  • Better message on the God apple itemframe and no way to get more gapples within that hour.
  • The push back glitch is fixed.
  • /f home bug in skywars is fixed.
  • More anvils placed in the map.
  • When you idle more than 30 minutes you get kicked.
  • When you put normal items from PvP arena into the crafttable on "E", you wont get it in Skywars anymore.
  • You can't shoot arrows in spawn anymore to decrease lag.
  • Kill and death messages are more stable now.
  • Diamond bleed is updated and is a lot faster now.
  • When you put items in trash you get bugged normally, this is fixed.
  • Donators + has /trash now.
  • All God Apple bugs has been fixed. (1. You dont get the effect sometimes, 2. It duplicates).
  • Anvil & the diamond bleed don't work anymore in factions. This means I can reset factions real soon and update it.
  • Blood is reduced a little to decrease lag.
  • Whole plugin is rewrited and it has reduced the lag in general a lot.
  • More updates coming soon!
General information

Huh? A website rank? What is it? Well, you will understand it if you have read this thread. Where shall I start? Okay, first of all.. the youtube rank is removed and this is replaced for it.

How to get it?
Your able to buy this rank at the donate shop > under the "Features" section. You will receive your rank within 10 minutes ~ 12 hours. The price is 5$

What do you get?
1. You get a awesome rank tag below your avatar (Sponsor).
2. Your allowed to change your avatar.
3. Your allowed to use a signature (Normal members can't anymore).
4. Your allowed to apply for Staff.
Why, just why?

We have added the rank because we have seen that the website is used a lot by our Minecraft players and as secondly, we get spammed with Staff Applications and 80% are denied. Players who bought the Sponsor rank are able to apply that means we have more chance of getting better staff applications.

More information
Also Staff members get the Sponsor permissions and goodies but they will still have the Staff tag below their name.

Facebook: What you have to do?
1. Like our page + post
2. Share the post
3. Comment your in-game name in the post
4. You will find the post on the top of the page.