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Hello everyone,

The snow has been removed from the server and everything is back to normal, a new year has already been started. I admit that the server wasn't running really well, which doesn't really feels good.

A new start
All I want is to have a friendly community and I heard that the staff team is stopping that. I think it is always good to move on, that is why @xKwiq_ has been demoted to Sr. Moderator. In my eyes, he was one of the best Administrators I could wish. He always was positive and was here for me when I had less motivation. Please, don't look at the bad sides only.

On the other hand, I decided to listen to the community and promote Viiperr, congratulations! :thumbsup:

I also want less bans and mutes on the server and create more positivity and you can help! Please help us to gain players and find YouTubers if you know them.

Happy playing!

Hi and thanks for voting in the month December! Time is flying when you're having fun! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to all the topvoters! If you are one of the winners, make sure to contact me on Discord or through the website to receive your code.

The topvoters
1. WieriixPvP (187 votes)
2. xKwiq_ (187 votes)
3. TheBasBoyJr (187 votes)
4. 3ev (178 votes)
5. KlaTsD (174 votes)
Today it is the 25th of December, and I would like to wish the entire community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hopefully Santa has stocked the Christmas Tree well and you all get to spend some good times with friends and family.

Remember there is a 25% sale in the store, make sure to use it! :smile:

Happy holidays and I can’t wait to release new updates in 2018! Do you know YouTubers who want to record? Let me know!

New map
So the new map got released yesterday and it was a big hype! Thank you for being there with us, it was truly amazing! We have released many updates and more to come! Merry Christmas! :thumbsup:

All the changes:
  • There are 2 spawnpoints now (for join and on respawn).
  • Parkour has been added and the red walls got removed.
  • A whole new map.
  • Enderpearls are disabled in the death pit.
  • Instant health 2 has been added everywhere.
  • 2 donator areas.
  • Player kit cooldown is decreased from 2 hours to 1 hour.
  • The /warp command is removed and the Ultimate rank can now teleport to several places from the room.
  • An extra pillar is added.
    • Pillar is 3 minutes instead of 5 now.
  • Extra parkour in castle.
  • Better placed enderchests and enchantment places.
  • The /online command is removed.
  • All portals are water now.
  • New spawn changes.
  • Website updates with the new background and snow.
    • Sidebar got changed aswell.
  • YouTuber rank is now dark green.
  • Extra entrances from the donator rooms.
  • Certain commands got a text revamp.
  • And many more..

Free apply
We also enabled free applying on the forums to join the staff team, go try and apply!

We have added a Christmas sale code called christmas, don't forget to use that one in the store. If you was planning to buy something, take your chance now! :smile:


We also did a give away some days ago and gave away 3 ranks! Here are the randomly picked winners:
  • 3ev (Ultimate > Legend)
  • Wuxl (Premium > Ultimate)
  • ImHacking___ (Donator 1 month)

The main plugins are being rewritten right now and will be released soon to fix a lot of unneeded...

3 rank giveaways
We are going to giveaway 3 ranks! We choose the winners randomly, joining is easy and the winners will be announced when we release the new map. How to join:
  1. Comment your username below.
  2. Like and follow us: here and here.

Make sure to follow all the steps above to win, the giveaway is an upgrade on your current rank.
Share this with all your friends anywhere to have more chance to win.

Map release date & spoilers
The new map will be released at Sunday the 10th. Here are some spoilers:





Hi and thanks for voting in the month November! Time is flying when you're having fun! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to all the topvoters! If you are one of the winners, make sure to contact me on Discord or through the website to receive your code.

The map will be released soon along other new updates!

The topvoters
1. Dizzy_Ownage (174 votes)
2. OurGod (174 votes)
3. TheBasBoyJr (171 votes)
4. xKwiq_ (170 votes)
5. Refluxed (156 votes)
Hello players,

This is just an informative message to all the players who were wondering why the server was down, well it was out of my hands. The hosting (one of the biggest hosting companies) were having trouble with some of them servers, one of those was mine. :o o:

There was nothing I could do, however the server is now up and running again!

The new map
This is actually the first time I am talking about the new map, however I didn't knew that you players were waiting for it for such a long time, however I can tell that it is coming. A lot of aspects in the map change, which means I have to change a lot with the plugins aswell. :thumbsup:

Another small update
I have updated the announcers and commands in-game, such as a new command /voice. I did more behind the scenes updates.

New durations
We have also changed our durations and rules, go check it out here.

I hope you all understand and have a wonderful day.

Hi and thanks for voting in the month October! Time is flying when you're having fun! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to all the topvoters! If you are one of the winners, make sure to contact me on Discord or through the website to receive your code.

Remember the YouTube rank is released, make sure to tell everyone! You can click here if you want to join our Discord server.

The topvoters
1. ReallyKid (181 votes)
2. TheBasBoyJr (174 votes)
3. xKwiq_ (170 votes)
4. GewoonGert (162 votes)
5. playnow (147 votes)

Today I have made a lot of work behind the scenes, such as upgrading a lot of main plugins. Along these updates, I have also upgraded the prefix in-game on all the servers. This was on my to-do list for a long time, the prefix is working perfectly now and also working fine on Factions.

Factions got reset
I also found it a good time to reset Factions, so all the factions and money is reset. The map itself isn't.

Ban reset

We have decided to do a full ban reset again, this is because we made a new update in the punishment system. We added kicks and warnings, they are also visible on the website: here. We also added a command /warnings to see your warnings.

25% discount
We added a discount on the store with the code "comeback", make sure to use it. Code will expire a week from now.

YouTuber rank
We've created a new rank called YouTuber. The admin will take care of the youtubers, for more information and the requirements: click here.

Other updates
  • Big website updates
    • New menu everywhere.
    • Updated the vote page.
    • Updated more pages.
  • Discord has been added instead of Skype.
  • Many plugins got updated and improved such as freezing, trading etc.
  • Tabcomplete vanish staff members bug fix.
  • New tab menu (press on "TAB").
  • Topvoter prices are back as normal.
  • VPN's and Proxy's are blocked again.
  • Vote reminder will appear less than before.

Upcoming updates
Our next prioritiy is releasing the new map.