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This is just a short message to announce 2 updates which I wanted to tell you:
  • I've installed a new system to prevent people ban evading, you can't use a Proxy or VPN anymore!
  • New map updates, especially in the back of the map.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments, I think this will make sure that people do actually follow the rules since they can't bypass anymore.
Hello lovely players!

I feel like making this thread to explain you about what happenend with the down time and to announce some of the new updates! Quick question: Does the IP work for everyone on Minecraft?

Down time and performance
So, what happenend yesterday with the website and server? First of all, the server and website itself wasn't down but the way how you connect to it was down for some players. We have changed our DNS provider which could cause some down time, however this depends per player. Some players didn't even noticed it and for other players it was down for a longer time. I am happy to say it is all done now!

If you still know someone who can't connect to the website or server, let me know as soon as possible!


What else got changed?
  • Free applying has been removed.
  • Voting works again and we have replaced a vote site.
  • Default kit has been nerved a little bit.
  • New map changes on Massive PvP.
  • Better performance and security on the website.
  • Diamond reminder for players bug fix.
  • More small bug fixes...

Expect some website updates/changes and a new Kit PvP server soon!
Free applying
Free applying has been enabeld untill we have enough new Helpers, so no specefic date. Go give it a shot and who knows, click here!



Hello there! Another month has passed and that means the new topvoters. Thanks to you for voting, this gives you good rewards and helps the server to stay popular. New month, new chances to win prizes!

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month:
1. xKwiq_ (172 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. cdm (161 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. ALMIND (161 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. _ATSx (160 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. SlowClient (159 votes) - 10$ voucher

We are working on new updates which will release soon!
The time is finally here that I can tell you about the new ranks system being released, I thought it was time to update it and it brought many other features and needed fixes! And yes, that's what I did.

The differences
You as a player won't see that many differences, but it does for a staff and especially me. No more bugs with ranks or anything else! Everything is made more clear, which makes it easier to update or release new things. It is all saved on a database instead on every server, this makes the performance a lot better!


Ban reset
Because of all the new staff ranks, we also decided to do a ban reset. We also decided to change the duration against hackers and chat abusers, the max bans/mute is 5 now. The maximum duration of a mute has been increased to 2 weeks.

New chat plugin
Because of this update we also needed to change the chat plugin, which brough many new features such as:
  • You can now hover on every name which will show you many details which is different per server.
  • You can click on it to message him.
  • New socialspy and messaging system.

What are all the other changes you might think? Well here they are:
  • New staff ranks: Helper, Moderator, Sr. Moderator & Administrator.
  • The Administrator rank can promote/demote.
  • The freeze plugin and more is now added on the Hub aswell.
  • Staffs and donator ranks are now seperated.
  • Ranks on the hub system.
  • Staff no longer has donator as default.
  • #hand is added to Factions aswell.
  • You can't trade normal apples and arrows on Trade.
  • Kit PvP scoreboard now shows your balance.
  • I can promote/demote easier now, without restarting.
  • Factions has been updated.
    • A whole new version which includes many new features.
    • Awesome chat information on hovering a name.
  • Many more small changes and tweaks.
Topvoters Topvoters January

Hello there! Another month has passed, time flies! The first month of 2017, January! We hope it was a good and enjoyable first month for you. Thanks to everyone who've voted for the server! New month, new chances!

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month:
1. cdm (174 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. xKwiq_ (167 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. MG_killah (161 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. LyMZ_ (155 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. BufasZ (149 votes) - 10$ voucher

Voting is really important for GlowstonePVP to gain new players! You can also help by asking your friends, many new updates are coming soon! Some of them already released, a big update regarding new ranks is almost finished.
Free applying, take your chance right now! If you want to give it a shot, click here to go to the form.

Right now we are working on a new permissions plugin with a lot of new features! This will fix all the current bugs and make it more efficiently for me and the staff members! New ranks are coming and many more!

We want to extend our team for upcoming features and ranks! :smile:
I just wanted to let you know about a new update which is released on Massive PvP! This is one of the latest updates on Massive PvP before we start working on the other servers!


Let me know what you think! There are 3 pillars located anywhere in the map which has the same cooldown, they can be clicked every 5 minutes and it will give you really good effects (30 seconds), however it also has a chance to fail.
The first new updates in 2017! Hello everyone, I am really glad to show you the new update note list from last days. As you already noticed, some of them has already been released. We all hope this year will be yours!


Update list:
  • The awesome new Scoreboard plugin.
  • The new hub.
    • You can now type in the Hub.
    • An awesome teleport popping system.
  • Bugs got patched in the /enchants plugin.
  • The cooldown for diamonds is 1 hour now.
  • A lot of staff changes in the team.
  • Anti hack plugin got updated.
  • The beacon will now work for donators aswell (10 minutes cooldown)
  • You know need to stand close to an enchantment table to enchant.
  • The tab got a revamp along with a new tab plugin.
  • You will get a diamonds reminder if they are ready.
  • Your nickname will get removed if you changed your name.
  • Christmas is gone.
  • Lucky votes has a bigger chance now.
We all hope you enjoy these updates and we are already working on the next one! Want to do something in return? Tell it you all your friends and advertise for us!

Hello there! We hope you have had a wonderful New Year's Eve, this will be a good year for GlowstonePVP! Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, a new month has been begun.

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month:
1. Moltinq (183 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. Dizzy_Ownage (183 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. B1EBER (182 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. potatov2 (175 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. xKwiq_ (165 votes) - 10$ voucher
Hello everyone,

I am here again to let you know about a bunch of new updates that has been released, you can find the whole update log below. We hope you're having an awesome time this holiday with Christmas! Remember you can get a discount of 25% in the store. Get your rank or item quickly, click here.

Drop Party on the 25th - 16:00PM (CET, UTC/GMT + 1)
We are going to host a big Drop Party on the 25th at 16:00 PM (CET, UTC/GMT + 1), you can click here to see what timezone that is or click here to see a countdown.


The list of all the updates and patches
  • A new system called /enchants.
    • Will work for all ranks.
    • You can buy enchants with diamonds.
    • Higher ranks can get free diamonds.
    • Enchantment tables are not used anymore.
  • The duel got a revamp.
    • All bugs has been patched.
    • Minor fixes and changes.
    • Can now be started from anywhere.
  • A reminder when your heal is ready.
  • A reminder when your kit is ready.
  • The command /potion is back.
  • The default kit and player kit is changed.
  • A strength potion costs 10 points now.
  • The mystery box has been improved.
  • Heal splashes has been nerfed to level 1.
  • Using the bow is disabled in duel and death pit.
  • The lava in duel got removed.
  • Enderpearls are disabled in the death pit.
  • Don't drop items on the anvil, a sign has been placed to warn you.
  • Fixed a crash bug on factions.
  • You can now destroy obsidian on factions and see the health by left clicking on it.
  • You won't get teleported to spawn anymore when you log in on factions.
  • New staffs.