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Topvoters Topvoters August

Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, all the votes got reset which means you can be the new topvoter for the next month!

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month.

Good luck with voting.

We are a few weeks further and we have more updates for you! I've been working on the website a lot lately and it is finished, this means I can focus on the servers right now.

  • Profile page, click here.
  • New Teamspeak 3 changes.
  • New staffs and a new Head-staff.
  • The summer sale is expired.
  • You can use Paymentwall to purchase Sponsor.
  • We now have advertisements on the website.
  • More website changes.
Please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, also share us with all your friends.

I just wanted to make a quick announcement informing you about some small changes. Most of the updates are regarding the website!

  • The website software has been updated
  • There is a new ‘Off-topic’ section
  • The Shoutbox and some other add-ons on the website have been updated
  • There is now your country flag below your profile
  • The BungeeCord server has been updated
  • Advertisements will be displayed on the website soon
  • We will be accepting Paymentwall for Sponsor soon
  • We have promoted and demoted some staff.
  • ...and some more small changes

I have some great news for you! I will have more time to spend on the server, so expect more updates (also on the servers).
I am here to announce the luckily winners from the giveaway and the topvoters from this month!


Winners from the giveaway
The winners of the giveaway are:
  • ReSpeedq - Premium lifetime
  • Optiic_Brothers - Donator lifetime
Congratulations, you've received your new rank.

1. HASHTUQ (206 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. zorro708 (202 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. RolloPvP (171 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. xSolozZ (161 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. NiiTr0GeN_xAlizz (132 votes) - 10$ voucher

We will be giving away 2 ranks! This will upgrade your current rank, e.g if you are player then you will be upgraded to donator 1 month.

The rules are simple:

The contest will end in 2/3 weeks and I will announce the winners on the forums!

Please leave a like for future giveaways!

Greetings GlowstonePvP members! Today we have a multitude of new updates for you! Make sure to read everything and invite your friends.

Summer sale
As a huge thanks you to the community we added a 25% discount with the code "summer".

This code will end on 31 august. It will work on the whole store, but make sure to use the code. Have a great summer!

New forums
As you all can see we have changed many things on the forums. We have a whole new theme and many bugs are fixed, the ratings are back aswell.

New map
In-game we've updated the map quite a bit, there are new landmarks and changes! The map is more enjoyable for people to PvP in. The duel and donator area has gotten a revamp aswell and many more small details such as the caves. A big thank you to @Rowkus!

We will have more updates coming in the near future.
Until then enjoy all these wonderful new features!
We've made more changes and fixed bugs this time, hope you guys will enjoy them! We have plenty more ideas following up and we are working on map updates aswell.


Update log
  • Ban plugin has been updated.
  • New rule: Selling items are prohibited.
  • /ipmute command has been added for the Head-staffs.
  • The report command has been patched.
  • Website captcha bug has been fixed.
  • Staff changes (We do need more staffs though)
  • Villager spamming bug is fixed.
  • Teamspeak 3 fixes and changes.
  • Vanish plugin has been added to Factions.
  • Trading plugin has been added to Factions
  • /hub command has been removed.
  • Vanish flying bug for staffs has been fixed.
  • You can only be unbanned 3 times with an unban.
  • Unmute has been added to the store.
  • Trading bugs has been fixed.
    • You can't tab-complete staffs.
    • An item won't drop anymore while a trade got cancelled.
  • and more small fixes...

And once again we have released more small updates.

  • The staffs will see your /report from all servers now.
  • /report is enabled while muted again.
  • You now see damage indicators while fighting.
  • more small bug fixes..


We still need more staff members so don't forget to create an apply! We are still working on more updates and rushing our to-do list for the server, map updates are coming soon aswell.

Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset. Be the new topvoter for the next month and start voting!

Here are the 5 players that have the most votes this month. The coupons will be sent to you!

1. zorro708 (197 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. HASHTUQ (194 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. RolloPvP (183 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. NasTY_xAlizz (172 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. Tomuchcombos (161 votes) - 10$ voucher

We're back on track and we've made some changes regarding the servers, expect more updates soon!

Update log
  • All versions above 1.8 can now join the servers.
  • All the threads got revamped (some credits to @Rowkus).
  • Chat plugin issues got fixed, it won't adjust your words anymore.
  • New background on the website.
  • Free applying has been removed.
  • Staff changes
  • The packet crashing bug has been patched.
  • ...more small fixes.


We have a lot more ideas in mind and they will all get added as soon as we can! Invite your friends to the server and let them know about this.
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