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And once again we have released more small updates.

  • The staffs will see your /report from all servers now.
  • /report is enabled while muted again.
  • You now see damage indicators while fighting.
  • more small bug fixes..


We still need more staff members so don't forget to create an apply! We are still working on more updates and rushing our to-do list for the server, map updates are coming soon aswell.

Thanks for supporting the server, all votes have now been reset. Be the new topvoter for the next month and start voting!

Here are the 5 players that have the most votes this month. The coupons will be sent to you!

1. zorro708 (197 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. HASHTUQ (194 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. RolloPvP (183 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. NasTY_xAlizz (172 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. Tomuchcombos (161 votes) - 10$ voucher

We're back on track and we've made some changes regarding the servers, expect more updates soon!

Update log
  • All versions above 1.8 can now join the servers.
  • All the threads got revamped (some credits to @Rowkus).
  • Chat plugin issues got fixed, it won't adjust your words anymore.
  • New background on the website.
  • Free applying has been removed.
  • Staff changes
  • The packet crashing bug has been patched.
  • ...more small fixes.


We have a lot more ideas in mind and they will all get added as soon as we can! Invite your friends to the server and let them know about this.
Changes made today (23-06-2016):
  • Heal: new effect, /hc alias and a message when ready.
  • Knockback 2 is removed.
  • You will now get a message if you reported someone.


You can now apply for free since we are in need for some more new motivated staff members! For more information about a staff application, click here.
Thanks to all of you who've voted for the server, the 5 topvoters are listed below! You can expect more updates releasing soon.


Please start a conversation on the website with me to get the voucher code.
1. zorro708 (191 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. HASHTUQ (180 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. Viktor1337 (166 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. LeqitBreezily (166 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. venzlel (164 votes) - 10$ voucher
The new map and a lot of big updates has been released.

We've worked really hard on updates lately such as the new map, however we decided to make this a really big update and change more. In our eyes, this is the biggest update ever. We asked all our players what to change and we listened.


A lot of things has been changed (small changes, but also big changes), we prefer to check it out yourself and see what is changed. Thanks for being part of the community.
Thanks to all the voters, the topvoters are listed below. We've worked hard on the server lately and more big updates are coming!


(Please start a conversation on the website with me to get the voucher code.)
1. zorro708 (200 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. ViperOvermind (183 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. ImToxiic (183 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. xiiHeroMan (173 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. Thijs2706 (150 votes) - 10$ voucher
Edit: From now on you can watch banned and muted players on the website at, click here.

Everyone is unbanned.
We've reset the ban list which means everyone can play again! Invite your old banned friends again to play on GlowstonePVP! We are using a completely new ban system.


This ban system makes it easier for everyone, all the current bugs has been fixed. No more ban avoiding while name changing or anything else. Staffs have loads of handy new commands which they can use to make it more easy for everyone.

Our next focus is the new map!
I've made a new update on the Massive PvP server, vote party! The vote party will be activated every 100 votes and will give a random amount of points for everyone in the server. This will be 5, 10 or 15 points. It will also be announced with broadcasts when there are 15 votes left.


There will spawn an amazing firework effect at every player once the 100 votes are reached.
It is 1 week later now and that means that the free applying has been removed, we will choose the new staffs today!

We've also found a winner for the 50$ coupon! We used a random name picker and the winner is:

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