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Hello everyone,

I am here again to let you know about a bunch of new updates that has been released, you can find the whole update log below. We hope you're having an awesome time this holiday with Christmas! Remember you can get a discount of 25% in the store. Get your rank or item quickly, click here.

Drop Party on the 25th - 16:00PM (CET, UTC/GMT + 1)
We are going to host a big Drop Party on the 25th at 16:00 PM (CET, UTC/GMT + 1), you can click here to see what timezone that is or click here to see a countdown.


The list of all the updates and patches
  • A new system called /enchants.
    • Will work for all ranks.
    • You can buy enchants with diamonds.
    • Higher ranks can get free diamonds.
    • Enchantment tables are not used anymore.
  • The duel got a revamp.
    • All bugs has been patched.
    • Minor fixes and changes.
    • Can now be started from anywhere.
  • A reminder when your heal is ready.
  • A reminder when your kit is ready.
  • The command /potion is back.
  • The default kit and player kit is changed.
  • A strength potion costs 10 points now.
  • The mystery box has been improved.
  • Heal splashes has been nerfed to level 1.
  • Using the bow is disabled in duel and death pit.
  • The lava in duel got removed.
  • Enderpearls are disabled in the death pit.
  • Don't drop items on the anvil, a sign has been placed to warn you.
  • Fixed a crash bug on factions.
  • You can now destroy obsidian on factions and see the health by left clicking on it.
  • You won't get teleported to spawn anymore when you log in on factions.
  • New staffs.

Merry Christmas everyone! First of all, we are having a sale in the store, which will give you 25% off. However, this does require to fill in a code named "christmas", don't forget this.

Please tell everyone about this amazing Christmas update, I have revamped the Hub and Massive PvP with all cool stuff and effects, there is even a Christmas Chest on Massive PvP. Go check it out yourself! We also have snow on the website!

Merry Christmas and expect a lot of updates, GlowstonePVP is back!

Open the spoiler to see 2 screenshots of the servers.


As we've promised to announce the winners at 1 december, here we are:

  • IMeanItDad (now: Legend)
  • Lqo (now: Premium)
  • RedWolfyy_ (now: Donator lifetime)
Congratulations with your rank upgrades, hope you enjoy!
We will add a christmas theme soon.


Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month:
1. Edwardje (212 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. Dizzy_Ownage (202 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. CallMeSirPls (188 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. SelvesteNICO (164 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. _Amaranthos_ (153 votes) - 10$ voucher
Hello everyone! The time is finally here where I can tell you the updates are released, I call them the biggest updates on GlowstonePVP ever!

We all have waited really long for these updates and I can tell you, they are awesome! Make sure to read this whole thread, because there are many more surprises!

We are giving away 3 rank upgrades for anyone on the server! What do you need to do?


Most important you need to know:

  • We are having a 10% discount with the code "update", which will expire at 01-12-2016.
  • We have a full ban, mute and history reset.
  • A whole new map!
  • Many rank giveaways (see below).

The whole update list
  • The duel is updated and is outside of the map (Donators and higher can watch duel battles).
  • All plugins got updated to their newest version which contains bug fixes.
  • The factions plugin and server got updated a little bit.
  • All kits on Kit PvP have unbreaking 3 now + many bug fixes.
  • Kit PvP has some map updates.
  • The staffs can now tab-complete with the ban system and more updates for staffs.
  • All villagers in Massive PvP got updated and changed, they will now give 3 potions/splashes instead.
  • Unbans & Unmutes are now visible in /history for staffs.
  • The whole /kits system is new and all bugs got fixed.
  • Players have their own kit in /kits.
  • Super Potions has been improved and less chance of failure (10%).
  • An extra anti-bot check, 1 player can join every 3 seconds.
  • A new /help system for players who need urgent help and a new teleport command for...
Topvoters Topvoters October

First of all, I want to apologies for my inactivity on the server lately, this is mainly being caused of working on the new big update. New updates will be released shortly, probably in 1 week.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, we have replaced some of our vote sites! Make sure you are aware of this.

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month:
1. RolloPvP (183 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. J:laugh:anger (174 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. ReallyKid (162 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. ReFlight (143 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. Dizzy_Ownage (125 votes) - 10$ voucher

New banner:


Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, all the votes got reset which means you can be the new topvoter for the next month!

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month.

A lot of updates has been released lately and I will post an update log soon.
Topvoters Topvoters August

Thanks to everyone who has voted for the server, all the votes got reset which means you can be the new topvoter for the next month!

Here are the 5 players that has the most votes this month.

Good luck with voting.

We are a few weeks further and we have more updates for you! I've been working on the website a lot lately and it is finished, this means I can focus on the servers right now.

  • Profile page, click here.
  • New Teamspeak 3 changes.
  • New staffs and a new Head-staff.
  • The summer sale is expired.
  • You can use Paymentwall to purchase Sponsor.
  • We now have advertisements on the website.
  • More website changes.
Please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, also share us with all your friends.

I just wanted to make a quick announcement informing you about some small changes. Most of the updates are regarding the website!

  • The website software has been updated
  • There is a new ‘Off-topic’ section
  • The Shoutbox and some other add-ons on the website have been updated
  • There is now your country flag below your profile
  • The BungeeCord server has been updated
  • Advertisements will be displayed on the website soon
  • We will be accepting Paymentwall for Sponsor soon
  • We have promoted and demoted some staff.
  • ...and some more small changes

I have some great news for you! I will have more time to spend on the server, so expect more updates (also on the servers).
I am here to announce the luckily winners from the giveaway and the topvoters from this month!


Winners from the giveaway
The winners of the giveaway are:
  • ReSpeedq - Premium lifetime
  • Optiic_Brothers - Donator lifetime
Congratulations, you've received your new rank.

1. HASHTUQ (206 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. zorro708 (202 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. RolloPvP (171 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. xSolozZ (161 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. NiiTr0GeN_xAlizz (132 votes) - 10$ voucher