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Edit: New small update: Daily Reward Book. Log in daily to get this epic book with awesome rewards.
Small update
The halloween theme has been removed and changed back to normal. Secondly, we added a new room for the Drop Party where your fly has been disabled and it looks better now.

The winners from October
(Please start a conversation on the website with me to get the voucher code.)
1. its_xanderPvP (175 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. Lucky_beastNL (156 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. LinkWiz (132 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. WhaleSmoker420 (130 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. krastaca(128 votes) - 10$ voucher

Thanks for voting in October, be the new winner in November and start voting! Voting will reward you per server and the rewards depends per server! Get Points in the Massive PvP or awesome rewards in factions. Vote at: or use the /vote command in-game.

I hope you all like the new updates recently and have fun!
It is time to release the next bunch of updates. Please read the update log below really carefully, a lot of things has been chagend/added or removed.


  • Events
    • Some events has been removed.
    • The bounty hunt and legend event is changed, you now see a text above the target.
    • The block event has been changed and has more effects now.
  • New feature: Dropper.
    • A legend can start the Drop Party.
    • There need to be 25 players online.
    • Can be activated every hour.
    • Will drop a lot of good items.
  • Trading bug has been fixed.
  • If someone dies there will spawn a text above him for 10 seconds.
  • In the hub you can now do /massivepvp, /kitpvp & /factions for Minechat users!
  • All the kits commands has been removed and moved to /kits. This is a GUI now.
  • Effects has been added to the beacon, parkour chest and enchantment table.
  • A purple effect when you consume a Super Potion.
  • A green effect when you eat a God Apple.
  • Bow boosting has been added back with punch 1.
  • Fly bug in the Parkour has been fixed.
  • You see a timer in the action bar while in combat.
  • The announcer messages has been changed and are clickable now. (On all servers)
  • All the commands has been changed and are clickable aswell now. (On all servers)
  • /beacon command has been removed.
  • Some small changes in the Kit PvP server.
  • You can't pick up arrows anymore.
  • A new feature for staffs: /clearchat
There we go, the fourth update. Check out the list below for all the updates.
  • A /hub command.
  • The Random Box has been improved and has more chance to give you epic items such as God Apples.
  • The Legend rank has a new kit, God Apple kit. They can now claim a God Apple.
  • The Parkour.
    • The Parkour is available in the Massive PvP server.
    • If you finish it, you get a really good reward.
  • The halloween theme.
  • The Beacon, you now have 5% chance to get a God Apple from it.
  • A whole new combat plugin, if you are in combat:
    • You can see your cooldown in the top of the screen.
    • You can't run into the safezone anymore, there will appear a really big red glass wall.
    • There is no more tempban if you leaved combat.
    • Use /logout to log-out safely.
    • Better performance and bug fixes..

More updates are coming soon, share it with your friends and enjoy playing, peace! :cool:
Free applying has been disabled again, thanks for applying everyone! From now on you need to buy Sponsor if you want to apply. Click here.
The winners from September
(Please start a conversation on the website with me to get the voucher code.)
1. xX_LUKI1337_Xx (186 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. MonkeyEdward (172 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. AV_beau (164 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. blueeagle24 (154 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. Aerodytepvp (126 votes) - 10$ voucher

Thanks for voting in September, be the new winner in October and start voting! Voting will reward you per server and the rewards depends per server! Get Points in the Massive PvP or awesome rewards in factions.

Vote at: or use the /vote command in-game.
This is the third update in a short time, contains a lot of changes and new updates! Check the updates below:

Kit PvP
Yes! We finally released the new Kit PvP server. We added a lot of new stuff, such as new kits, economy system, looting boxes and a lot more! Check it our yourself.

More updates
  • The boost pressure plate his strength is lowered.
  • The Diamond block has been updated! If you are a donator or higher you can exchange 64 diamonds for a random reward such as a God Apple!
  • The Death pit is moved further away so people can't go in death pit that quickly.
  • The God Apple is now 2 points instead of 3 in the /shop
  • Fixed small bug with the Beacon with pushing back.
  • Empty potion bottles now disappear on consume.
  • We also accepted more staffs.
Our next step: The anti hack plugin!
Bow boosting
Open the spoiler to get all the information about why we removed it and more explanation.
As you guys know I removed Punch 2 a long time ago, which was a good choice. You can still use Punch 1 to bow enemies away from you. However, the next problem: Bow boosting. With Bow boosting you can escape battles which is unfair. Yesterday I used a Super Potion which has swiftness 2, however the guy was a lot faster with bow boosting and that is unfair.

I completely understand that this might be annoying for you that it got removed, but it will be better in the end. Secondly, people who have good ping, can just bow boost away and crapple, when their opponent gappled. Also the speed pots were of no use.

The beacon has been improved and some more new changes.
We also improved the Beacon today. There is a 5 minutes cooldown on it. The messages and cooldown messages has been changed. If it is not ready, it will push you away and damage you. The kits has been changed.

We also added the command /beacon so you don't have to click the Beacon anymore, but use the command instead.

Our next update is going to be the Kit PvP. I'am already done with it and worked on it the last weeks and it will be released soon. It is going to be awesome!

We are still searching for staff members and applying is free now, so give it a shot!
Super Potion
There is a new item called the Super Potion, open the spoiler for more information!
The new Potion is available in the /shop for 10 points.
  • The Potion has a small chance to fail and will give you bad effects.
  • If it doesn't fail it will give you really good effects for 25 seconds, effects:
    • More hearths
    • Fire resistance
    • Speed 2
    • Strength
    • Jump boost
    • Regeneration
  • It will heal you on consume
  • When you consume it everyone near you gets a message
  • When it is finished you get a big message in your screen
Everyone can apply
Yes, that is correct. Everyone can apply for staff without the Sponsor rank, for more information open the spoiler!
Today we demoted a lot of inactive staff members and promoted a new Head-Staff! Me and the Head-Staffs got a good feeling about the current staff members, however we need more!

That is why we removed the need of the Sponsor rank to apply. Everyone can now apply without having the Sponsor rank untill 1 october.

Have you also seen the new backgrounds on the forums and the new header images on the home page?
Discount with donating!

Everything in the donate store has 15% off, you don't have to fill in a coupon code or anything. This discount sale will be online for only 1 week so be quick with donating. It will expire at 24-09-2015.

As the title states, updates and discount with donating! We just released some of the updates and more are coming real soon!

What has been changed added?
  • A new map which is more flat and better to PvP and new buildings etc..
  • Everything in the donate store has 15% discount.
  • You have 1% chance to get 100 points with voting.
  • Every level you have 20% chance to get 1 free point.
  • Debuff swords have more chance to debuff someone now
What is coming soon?
  • The new Kit PvP server.
  • The anti hack plugin
  • and more...
We are holding a big drop party in the Massive PvP server at 19.00 (GMT/UTC + 2 hours).

19.00 (GMT/UTC + 2 hours) is the dutch time zone, you can easily convert this to your timezone! Be there and invite all your friends!
  • Axes has been added back in the /shop
  • A new command: /healcooldown to check your cooldown from heal.
  • Premiums now have command /stack
  • Some changes in /shop
    • God Apple costs 3 points now instead of 2
    • Armor and weapons costs 2 points now instead of 3
    • Healing splash II is added back instead of the potion
  • Updates which are coming soon: New Kit PvP server, releasing the Anti Hack plugin, #hand plugin, scoreboards, 1 point per 2 levels and more.
We are 99.9% done with the Anti Hack plugin on the Kit PvP server, please test it out and see if you can find any flaws/bugs, if so please report them to me.

The winners from August
(Please start a conversation on the website with me to get the voucher code.)
1. ItzWesPvP (209 votes) - 50$ voucher
2. WimsSon (189 votes) - 40$ voucher
3. mig321 (172 votes) - 30$ voucher
4. Villager100 (155 votes) - 20$ voucher
5. blueeagle24 (141 votes) - 10$ voucher

Thanks for voting in August, be the new winner in September and start voting! Voting will reward you per server and the rewards depends per server! Get Points in the Massive PvP or awesome rewards in factions.

Vote at: or use the /vote command in-game.
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