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  1. Rollo97
    Rollo97 ReallyKid
    Fix the staff team
  2. Rollo97
    Rollo97 LOL123
    Hey katmey
    1. LOL123
      hi Rollo.
      Sep 19, 2017 at 3:23 PM
  3. LOL123
    LOL123 ReallyKid
    The only good staff member, the rest are useless
  4. xiiHeroMan
    Ex |Staff Member | GlowstonePvP Helper ✔️ Moderator ✔️ Senior-Moderator ❌ Administrator ❌
  5. Dragonfly765
    Dragonfly765 Yiwi
    Old name?
    1. Yiwi
      Someone else had the name Yiwi but I took it (changed the name) before they could. Probably have the name since around 7+months. Old Name: Nordcan. (Taken)
      Sep 16, 2017 at 5:57 AM
  6. Fantasyz
    Fantasyz Sneakifhorny
    is that the only thing u can do? Ban some players for nothing?
  7. Yiwi
    Yiwi ZekiPvP
    Where are you nowadays? I miss you so much. Come back on forums // speak on teamspeak.
    Much love bro.
    1. ZekiPvP
      Timezones kills me dude. Trust me i try my hardest to be online all the time.
      Sep 14, 2017
  8. Yiwi
    Yiwi xKwiq_
    Best person I have ever met.
  9. JustParadise
    JustParadise Yiwi
    GZ Bro <3
    1. Yiwi
      Thanks brother <3 <3
      Sep 11, 2017
  10. Proxzys
    Proxzys Yiwi
    Congrats on getting Mod I hope you will do great. :smile:
    1. Yiwi
      Sep 10, 2017
  11. Yiwi
    Yiwi Proxzys
    Congrats on Helper bbg.
    1. Proxzys likes this.
  12. Yiwi
    *Staff Member*
  13. WikaPvP
    WikaPvP Laaws
    Now look who's applying for staff after all the trash talk
    1. Laaws
      and, who are you?
      Sep 8, 2017
  14. Laaws
    Well, back on track. Hopefully soon will be promoted and hopefully I'll be enjoying my time again.
  15. Rollo97
    Rollo97 xSolozZ
    Hello :biggrin:
    1. xSolozZ
      Sep 7, 2017
  16. Adrenalyn001
    Adrenalyn001 Laaws
    1. Laaws likes this.
    2. Laaws
      Hey mate.
      Sep 6, 2017
      Adrenalyn001 likes this.
    3. Adrenalyn001
      Do you have Skype?
      Sep 6, 2017
    4. Laaws
      Of course I do, PM me it and I'll add you if you wish.
      Sep 6, 2017
  17. TomHankks
    TomHankks GlowstonePvPcom
    Why did you double post your report? Are you just stupid?
    1. GlowstonePvPcom
      check the proofs!
      Sep 6, 2017
  18. Stimpay
    Stimpay Slods
    Ruski yes
    1. Slods
      Sep 5, 2017
    2. Stimpay
      Idnau zooka blyat kabosba pitar
      Sep 5, 2017
  19. ReallyKid
    ReallyKid TeeoNLC
    Gz, my friend.
    1. TeeoNLC likes this.
    2. TeeoNLC
      Ty :smile:
      Sep 14, 2017
      ReallyKid likes this.
  20. Proxzys
    Proxzys ZekiPvP
    Congratz on being Helper i hope you will become a good Helper.
    1. ZekiPvP
      Thanks dude :smile: I really appreciate it :smile:
      Sep 4, 2017
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